Welcome to SharePoint in 3D

We are pleased to annouce, SharePoint in 3D add-in is currently available from Microsoft Office 365 store!!!


  • SharePoint in 3D add-in is information visualization tool.
  • (Information can be a file, URL link, image, simple text etc.)
  • It is an add-in to Microsoft Office 365 SharePoint sites.
  • Install SharePoint in 3D from Microsoft Store
  • If you don't have Microsoft office 365 subscription you can download and install standalone version of the add-in named Explain in 3D from Microsoft Store.

Application uses

  • File management - Import and organize files in 3D workspace
  • 3D Slideshows Presentations - Create and play 3D slide show presentations
  • 3D Diagraming- Create and play 3D diagrams